Since 1976, J.A. Sharp Jeweler has been providing Lancaster County with an exciting selection of jewelry designed and handcrafted by shop owner and artist, Jude Sharp. Jude also works with a group of talented, local jewelry artists to provide even more unique choices. Every piece of jewelry is made in the United States and much of the jewelry is handcrafted in Lancaster County, PA.

Jude believes that great jewelry has a soul that transfers energy from the artist to the client who eventually enjoys it. Every piece she sells is made to be beautiful, comfortable and functional, while expressing the unique individuality of the person who wears it.

Jude has spent the last 40+ years handcrafting jewelry and living her dreams. A hippie in the 1960s, Jude always knew she wanted to be an artist. Yet the path of the ‘starving artist’ never appealed to her. She wanted to use her creativity in a practical way that would support her and let her live her dreams.

She attended art school and majored in jewelry-making. This seemed a natural fit that combined her creativity with her practical side and love of making things.

A native of the East Coast, Jude decided she wanted to explore the West and moved to Colorado where she opened her first jewelry shop.