Custom Jewelry

There is an upfront fee of $25 for estimates and drawings for custom work. This fee is to help cover the time spent to design and to research the stones and materials that go into the piece. The fee will apply to each design we make a detailed estimate. This fee will be transferred as credit to the finished job. If the customer does not have us make the piece, the fee is forfeited and is not usable as store credit. The custom piece must be started within 6 months of paying the estimate and design fee for it to be applied. After 6 months the fee will be forfeited.

Policies and Services

We guarantee everything we make, sell or repair for one year unless otherwise noted. This means we guarantee against such things as stones becoming loose or falling out, and that our repairs will not break. We do not guarantee glued items, lead solders, rhodium plating and stones set in settings with 3 or fewer prongs. We also do not guarantee oval and marquise stones set with fewer than 6 prongs or pear and heart shaped stones with fewer than 5 prongs. We do not assume responsibility for the loss of a single diamond or expensive colored gemstone weighing more than a carat. These stones need to be covered by the owner’s insurance. Regarding returns and exchanges: Any jewelry purchased from our store can be returned in its original condition within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or store credit. Custom orders cannot be returned.

Tightening Stones

We do not warranty against stone loss unless we set the stones and round stones larger than 5mm are set in six prongs. It is normal for stones to become loose in their settings with time and wear. It is important to have the settings checked at least once a year.

Checking Links

We can inspect links, jump rings, rivets, clasps etc. and make recommendations for replacement or repair but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be a problem later. We can only guarantee items that we actually repair, not the ones we only inspect.

Ring Sizing

We can only guarantee our ring sizing when we actually measure the finger. Unfortunately sizes gotten from another ring may not be accurate. We will make every effort to determine the correct size but because finger sizes fluctuate due to changes in weather, diet, weight etc. we can only guarantee the sizing for 30 days from delivery. We will size custom rings or rings purchased from our store once at no charge and will guarantee that sizing for 30 days. Guarantee means that we will resize the ring at no charge. When we size a ring to a customer’s requested size, we will charge for resizing it.

Gems and Diamonds

We do not guarantee that a diamond or gemstone once taken out of our store will not chip, break, scratch or fracture. No stone, including diamonds, can be guaranteed not to chip, break, scratch or fracture. We strongly suggest insuring your jewelry. We also cannot be responsible for further fracture or damage to stones that we receive with damages such as chips, breaks or large inclusions.